Guide to Increase Traffic on E-Commerce Website

Many folks face Poor website traffic challenges when running an online store. However, there are several ways you can choose to increase traffic on your e-commerce website. In this post, you will be learning top ways to increase traffic to your website.

Use Social Media Apps

It is well-known that the Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc. are used by people in large number. Facebook is accessible to each and every type of person. You must have come across the ads on these applications. You can also post ads on Facebook and Instagram. But before posting an ad, you need to make sure that the advertisement is perfect for the promotion of your e-commerce website. Select those pictures and videos which can grab the attention of the users in the first sight only. Add links to the comment boxes of famous pages or on your own page because after seeing links people may get curious to open your website.

LinkedIn is a social platform where many businessmen and new entrepreneurs have registered their name. It is better to let everyone know about your e-commerce website and you will be able to drive more traffic to your website.

Write Blogs and Articles

You can write blogs and articles on Quora which a social platform where people ask questions and get answers from the users only. If you will write articles related to your business website, then you will be able to attract more and more users to your website. Although, this is not a task which can be done easily as you need a good content writer who can write blogs and articles for you. If you are good at writing, then you won’t have to spend money on fees of writers.
Use catchy taglines and titles

Don’t forget to add attractive taglines and titles to your articles and content on your website. There are various customers who don’t read the content with unimpressive tagline and title. When anyone sees a catchy tagline, then automatically one gets attracted to the article or blog.

Search Engine Optimization

You should make sure that your content is getting optimised by the search engines. Keep creating internal links to the new content you are adding to your website. If your website will be on the top in the ranking of search engine optimisation, then automatically the page of your website will open up in front of the users.

Check Speed of Your Site

Make sure that the speed of your site is nice as the website with slow speed may irritate the users and they won’t come again on your website. Use nice technology advancement to increase the speed of your e-commerce website.

Ask for Customer Reviews

Ask your present customers to write reviews on your website as this will help Google to know that you have added new content to your page. If you won’t update your website page regularly, then your content won’t be seen by Google and it will automatically reduce traffic on your website. So, ask your loyal customers and friends to write reviews on your website.

Email Marketing

It is true that email marketing is not preferred by many people nowadays but you would be a fool if you won’t use email marketing to draw traffic to your website. Whenever you get a new customer, you need to make sure that the customer should think that you are always with him/her. The customers who are known for your product quality won’t ask for anything but you can show your concern for them. When your present customers would be happy, then they will also share the quality products of your website with their friends.

Attend Various Conferences

To get a new approach towards business, you should start organizing and attending various business conferences. This will help you to promote your website in a much better way and your company will come into the competition level as you also know that competition is healthy for your business.


You should also use the old methods of advertisements which are newspaper and television because there are several people who don’t believe much on the information they see on different websites but they will definitely believe the information they would see in newspapers and televisions.

Invite People to Write Blogs on Your Site

Ask your present customers to write blogs for your site. You can also ask content writers to write good blogs for your website so that people can know more about your website features and content.

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