5 Most Popular E-Commerce Web Design Trends

The world has seen a great and enormous growth of the internet in recent past. People all over the world put their brilliant and new ideas on the web because of which no trend ever stands for more than a few weeks. This has come out to be an ever-evolving platform for the world. But the benefits of an internet that the e-commerce websites enjoy are enormous. The internet trends keep on changing at such rapid rate that it is really difficult for new e-commerce people to identify the thing that would work. This article will give you 5 trends of an internet that will actually be very useful for your site.

Animations and Cinema Graph– No one likes still images and static pages. The world is evolving and it is the era of dynamic things. And the innovative minds over internet have started using animations to satisfy the need. Animations add exciting flavor to the rather boring pages and are now being perfectly used for the homepage of the sites. Cinema graph are the little animations added to a still picture. They have become the new trend of the market and are helping people lure in a lot of customers. For making your websites look super cool this way is one of the best and in trend way of doing it.

Material DesignIf you are waiting for something that will change the interface of your website here is your answer. Material design is a design element that is content-based that has a little more formatting than usual. With a little knowledge of motion and colors you can actually make a really good material design. Always remember that no matter what the text that you use should suit your company and should be formatted so that it stands out of the rest of the page.

Hamburgers on Left– Where you seeking one technology that was way old and was well trusted? A hamburger is the one. It has been there for almost always. Just the placement of this menu has seen a little change. Earlier they were kept in the right side but now to get the attention of the user in the first glance it was transferred to left. The developers well practiced in bootstrap were and are the people who can implement it. Big sites like Google have started keeping it on the left of the navigation bar.

Perfect Images– Even the scientists have approved that our brain works on images. Not only does it has a great impact over the memory but also on the buying behaviors. 92% of the buyers in a survey said that images are one of the most important factors that affect their buying behavior on an e-commerce site. Multifarious images will make the best impact over the minds of your visitors and will help you make them your customers.

Many in One– As per the sites earlier used. The user needed to click the next button every time he needs to view more options. Now, the things have changed. Many products are now getting involved on the same page so that there is no next clicking scene. Because of this lazy loading has taken place due to which once the user opens the site he can only view a few products but as he scrolls down new products keep on adding. This has made the search of the customers very easy and buying conveniently.

The speed with which the internet is going, you will not even come to know when you went out of trend. In E-Commerce business, it is very important that you get the trend and implement it as soon as possible.

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