Top 5 Trends For Magento E-commerce Stores in 2018

If you wish to have complete control over your website’s content and the way it looks then Magento is probably the best thing that you could use for your website. The newer versions of Magento offer speed and it has been liked by the users. This has made the developers make the e-commerce with faster loading pages their priority. There were many trends that were all over the market in 2017, we expect some trends to take over this year too. Here is my list of 5 trends for Magento e-commerce stores in 2018.

The Need of Chatbots

Artificial intelligence is one thing that neither does nor goes out of trend anytime. It has made our lives easy and is also taking over the e-commerce sector. Using AI services, the owners of the stores can make out the behavior of the user visiting them hence they will be able to give a more specific experience. The most famous of all the AI services are chatbots. They are being used as an alternative to the human customer care executives apart from that they create a database so that the same mistake is not repeated again.

Personalized Experience will Take Priority

Who does not like a personalized experience? Even in-store customers wish to get a customized experience but it is very important for the online customers. It is actually a little easier for the online vendors because of the software’s that they can use. People who are dealing using Magento need to embrace this personalized way to present things to their customers. This trend is going nowhere even in the coming years.

Organic Searches will be Even Smarter

organic searches are basically search based on some filters and predictions. People who use e-commerce sites to buy wish to make the purchase as smooth as possible. This can be the deciding factor for your sales. Reports show that if the predictions show the companies people wish to purchase from, people tend to feel a little more confident. If you were not using organic searches then start using them ASAP. They are for sure going to be in trend for the coming year.

Push Notification will be the Best User Engagement Tool

One basic rule to rule the e-commerce sector is to keep the new customers as engaged as possible while keeping the old ones happy. They basically are the customized feature that sends updates to the customers at regular intervals. This makes them updated as well as they have your name in mind every time they think to buy anything. And as we all know with each passing year the competition is going up exponentially. This makes keeping the customers updated your top priority.

Add Value to Online Store by Adding Live Videos

the video has turned out to be the best way to digitally market your products. This trend is included in the trend because of the results from past two years. You can add live videos to tell the customers about your product or even the customer’s testimonial can be made into a video.

Change is the only constant. The world is changing and even the ways to do business is changing. E-commerce has taken over everything. Magento has turned out to be the most famous because the agile and outsource format. With digitalization, these things were bound to happen sooner or later and it changed sooner for good. People now can purchase anything from their home without leaving the comforts of their beds. And they even have got free from the irritating salesmen. 


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