Guide to Increase Your Website Conversion Rate

The digitization of the commerce is seeing a steep rise like nothing before. People spend more time on their laptops browsing the net more than they spend talking to family. This has actually become the best platform to promote your stuff, to advertise your business. However, getting a website made and having thousands of visitors daily is a different thing and getting them converted into clients is a completely different thing.

So, this has actually become problem for many. People do have time to come, see your site and will leave without doing something of your profit. This problem is huge and this article is written to give you some tips on how to increase your websites conversion rate.

Tips to Increase Your Customer Count Easily

It is indeed not easy to convince someone to buy something from you or for that matter invest even a penny in your business.

Make a Strong First Impression

Your web page should be catchy and has pictures, good background videos and also true information about the company. You need to have unique and precise content to impress your visitor to make him your customer. The landing page should have every possible thing that could be included in a webpage. You could also introduce some attractive offers on them being your subscriber.

Make it Useful

Having lashy images and nothing useful is not really the right way to include someone to your family. You need to make your visitor familiar. He should feel comfortable and he actually should be kept in an environment with which he can connect to. Make it simple and give all your important information. Try answering almost every question that might be rising in his mind. And also do not distract him from the main topic.


If you want to have a high conversion rate, you need to stop boring your visitors with heap of data. You need to find the right balance between the visuals and the text. The need is to catch the attention of your potential customer. You can use catchy pictures and good animations to get their attention and get them interested in your company.

Not an English Exam

Never ever use big, difficult words to express a simple concept. Your visitor should be kept focused over the intended subject. Phrases used should be simple and easy to understand. The descriptions should be crisp and short. Bigger the description, lesser the conversion rate!

Get a Form Filled

The best thing that you can do is to get to know your client. Make him fill a form that is not too lengthy. Just get the essential details of your potential customer. This thing should also be kept in mind that the form should be filled at a point at which your visitor gets interested in the doing business.

Analyzing the Behavior

It will be of your supreme use to know at what point of your web page your visitor lost interest. You can use heat maps, page analyzer and many other effective tools available online. This will help you improve on your website and correct your short comings.

SEO Content

The content that you write should be optimized in order to show its appearance in search engine. A study shows that most clicks on the links from a search engine are from the first three links from the results. Content does play an important role in getting the love of your visitors. SEO will bring more and more people to your site increasing the conversion rate.

Give Offline Details As Well

This is a fact that people trust websites giving offline contact more than those who don’t give them. Trust is one thing that is very important in the relationship of a client and a company. You build trust you build a customer for life.

The better you maintain your website, the better response you will get. Work seriously on your landing page and always remember to keep it simple and make your visitor comfortable. Do not present yourself too lashy and fake. Always present what is genuine and what actually you can do. Keep the visitor engaged and try to first give him something for free, like a discount on subscription. And do not forget to analyze your website, and always improve upon it.

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