Is launching a new website enough?

We have lot of clients whose website was launched some 5-7 years back. Many are what we call second generation websites. They were build and launched with the thought of increasing interaction with their visitors in mind. However not all of them actually put in efforts to bring visitors on, they thought ” the website is live and now visitors will come automatically.”

The Internet changed everything, yet there are thousands of businesses, large and small, who don’t have the first idea of basic marketing principles when it comes to marketing their website. The consumer is now in control. And the first principle of online marketing these days is to master one-on-one communication. Each first time visitor offers you an opportunity to begin a dialogue. That’s it. If your website does not answer the question, “What’s in it for me?” within 3-5 seconds, you’ve missed out. If you can think like your customer, and understand his needs, wants and desires, you have mastered the first principle.

Ten years ago, a company had to spend thousands of dollars to create a web presence. Today, thanks to technology, a 70 year old can create a blog in 24 hours. You can always use internet and learn more about driving, measuring and converting traffic. While Internet Marketing is not rocket science, it does require dedication, commitment and decision-making skills.

If your website is dated, don’t despair; the price of a redesign is a fraction of what it was some years back. Beware, however, a web designer/developer is not a Website Marketer. These are two distinct skill sets. So when you think of redesigning your website, think of marketing at the same time.

Website does not bring visitors, online marketing does!!

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