According to industry research, over 80% of Internet users start their search for a product or service online through a search engine which gives companies a massive potential target audience to aim for. Carrying out Search Engine Optimisation on your website can effectively help you choose which of those customers you appear in front of in search engines results for any given term, keyword or phrase.


Optimise for Keywords

If your site isn’t optimised towards your desired keywords, there’s a large chance that most of your traffic is coming from direct hits (i.e. the user entering your URL directly into the browser) or searching for your company name in a search engine. In both cases, most users will already be aware of your brand and what you supply, meaning that you aren’t maximising the potential of your website to attract new customers / users. When done correctly, SEO can bring people to your site that are looking for what you offer, you know they are looking for this as they arrived at your page due to them inputting one of your targeted keywords into a search engine.

Search Engine Friendly

Google and other search engines scan web pages on the internet looking at numerous factors such as text on the page, what words your titles contain, the description for your website etc, and they rank these pages according to what they find. Our aim is to make your site more ‘search engine friendly’ and optimise your site so it has the best possible chance of ranking highly and attracting visitors.

Increase Your Presence

The basis of any search engine optimisation campaign is to increase your presence on the Internet through rankings, visitors, links and ultimately the sale / awareness of your product. With that in mind, Union Room don’t just submit your site to countless search engines and directory sites. We review your website and current search engine standings, speak to you about what you want to achieve and what your goals are for the site, then we implement proven techniques to make your site known to major search engines like Google.

Ongoing Process

Search engine optimisation is an ongoing process with the majority of clients deciding on a monthly budget that is right for them and then us working to that.

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