Best Woo Commerce Themes Getting Multilingual With Mintlogix

E-commerce or fondly known as online shopping is the current trend. For many people, it is really hard to find time to visit stores and shop when they have the option of looking at various products in all price ranges from the comfort of their home. Initially, people were worried about the quality, price and what happens when the ordered goods are damaged etc. once people started getting confidence about the above things they started buying anything and almost everything online!!

Now there are various e-commerce sites such as Amazon, Flipkart and good specific sites like Pepperfry that sells the only furniture. We know that some of these sites are region or country specific, but biggies like Amazon have customers worldwide. We have only seen the front end operations of this website, now let us see how and what should be done if we want to set up an e-commerce, multilingual site with Mintlogix.

To build an online store we need the following:

  1. A software called ‘WordPress’
  2. A plugin called ‘Woo-commerce’

Once these are installed we can start adding the products that we want to sell to the website. Now, when choosing a theme, we have to make sure that it is the multilingual theme if we are planning for a worldwide sale. Thanks to Mintlogix, we can choose any theme and it does the work of translating it t any desired language without any coding.

The theme that we choose should be correct for the e-commerce site that we are building. It should have certain important features like:

  1. Option for Individual display of products
  2. The site should be SEO optimized
  3. The site should be able to provide glimpse of the product
  4. Loading time of the site should be fast

Keeping all this in mind, these are some of the best themes that can be used.


The DIVI theme is the most popular WordPress theme from the elegant company. The divi comes with an inbuilt builder that helps in building a great website. There is also an editing mode where we can customize it without any coding. There are 20 pre made layouts from which we can choose the design or there are 46 designs which can be customized according to our need.

Divi is preferred by many because it is really fast and also very user-friendly. The customization options it provides Is what makes it stand out from other themes.


AVADA by theme fusion is the only theme that has been created by the company so far. The theme is the best-selling theme on the Theme Forest website. The main feature of this theme is that it allows the user to just drag and drop the content to build pages.

It offers integration of fusion page building, fusion themes and fusion page layout designs. It also comes with an automatic upgrader and constantly updates happen. In short, it is the best solution for building e-commerce website as it is compatible with many popular plugins. More than a theme it can be described as a powerful designer tool!


The Flatshop theme is known for its homepage designs. The entire homepage design helps us to showcase the best selling products and also displays the address and location of the shop. With this theme, the users can videos, gallery options and slides too. The unique feature this theme has is that user can create any number of pages for one particular product and all the layout designs of each page will be different.

There is also an option for changing the style and look of the website from the options panel in the theme.

With the above available themes and a translation plugin, e-commerce website building will no longer seem to be a painful task!!

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