Our Process

We recently celebrated our 5th birthday. In those 5 years, we have continued to adapt to the changes within our industry as well as refine the processes which help us produce fantastic web design for our clients.

Every project is unique and we approach each website with a flexible approach according to its own set of requirements. However, we do stick to a basic process that we find works for projects of most sizes.

Step 1 Research and planning

From the earliest stage of the project we take the time to understand your business objectives and what your website needs to achieve. This can range from broad, high-level objectives through to specific pieces of functionality that your users will expect to be included. The information we gather at this stage of a project will dictate the final product more than any other.

Using the information we collect early on in a project, we produce a specification document that details how things will work and when you can expect them to be delivered.

Individual stages

  • Client meeting
  • Research
  • Specification produced

Step 2 Interaction design

We produce flat, skeletal prototypes that help display how your website will look and function. We will hold a number of workshops where everyone involved in the project can discuss the various elements of each layout. Wireframing allows us to try out a number of different approaches to your website quickly and easily, without worrying about things like colours or fonts at this stage.

We continue to refine these wireframes until we have an agreed set of models that our team can use to begin thinking about visual design.

Individual stages

  • Wireframes created
  • Workshops and feedback
  • Approved set of website wireframes

Step 3 Visual design

We begin to work on the visual design of your website, incorporating branding elements such as logos, colour and fonts. Your users expect more than a pretty picture, and with the research and planning that we have performed so far, we know that we will be applying visual design to a set of models that are based on thorough research.

Individual stages

  • Initial design concepts
  • Feedback and revisions
  • Visual design approval

Step 4 Build

Over the years, the design and build stages of our process have begun to merge. Our developers input on design, and our designers input on the build of the website. This is due to the rise in usage of various multimedia devices, such as tablets and smartphones, which has seen us adopt a responsive approach to our design and build processes.

Our websites are built using modern web standards and are thoroughly tested on a range of devices and browsers.

Individual stages

  • Demo build
  • Feeback, revisions & testing
  • Build approval
  • Launch

Step 5 TLC

A website should constantly evolve over the course of its life, adapting to your growing business and reacting to user feedback. After your new website is launched, we can provide a number of on-going services such as search engine optimisation, content generation and email marketing.

We find that holding regular review meetings, where we can discuss your website’s performance and suggest improvements, to be a great way of keeping your website up to date.

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