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In Pay Per Click (PPC) marketing, you pay for each click on your ad that directs visitors to your site pages. ‘Conversions’ like filling out an enquiry form, a sale etc are predefined so the ROI can be accurately calculated. Most PPC campaigns run on the Google Ads and Bing Ads network, however, other networks like AdRoll and Perfect Audience are also available. A PPC campaign can be set up with any test budget and scaled up quickly once it is profitable.

Over the years we have managed PPC campaigns across a number of industries and verticals including Retail, Education, Real Estate, Finance, Engineering products, SaaS and more.

We’ve helped Law Firms, Medical Practitioners, Moving Companies, Executive Hiring Firms and others grow their business through PPC advertising.

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We create & manage PPC campaigns that deliver results

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Google Ads PPC Management Google partner badge

We’re a certified Google Partner company and have been setting up, inheriting and successfully managing Google Ads PPC campaigns for several years now. These include Search, Display, Remarketing (Display), RLSA (Remarketing Lists on Search Ads) and Shopping Campaigns.

We analyze the campaigns daily and make adjustments so you see continuous improvements. In case you’d just like us to conduct an audit of your current Google Ads account and provide recommendations, we can do so. You can download excerpts of one such audit with recommendations here.

We are on top of the Google Ads game and make extensive use of the latest features including all type of ad extensions, new ad formats etc to grab the most real estate in the search results. This also helps us in achieving better positions with relatively lower costs.

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Please contact us if you’re thinking of launching a Google Ads PPC campaign.

Bing Ads PPC Management

We’re a Bing Ads Accredited company.

Most businesses see Bing Ads as an afterthought, but they should really consider it sooner. The Bing-Yahoo ads network has a sizable market share in the US and UK. If you aren’t advertising on Bing yet, you should start doing it now! There are fewer advertisers on Bing resulting in lower cost per clicks and ultimately lower acquisition costs.

We’ve managed Bing Ads PPC in several verticals. In many cases, where we were running PPC ads on both Google and Bing, the ROI on Bing was better.

Although Bing Ads gives an option to directly import the campaigns from Google, it goes much beyond that. The settings, bids, keywords, ads and ad extensions need to be checked as what might have been relevant in AdWords will likely change here.

Please contact us if you’re thinking of launching a Bing Ads PPC campaign.

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