CMS (Content Management Systems)


You might have a preferred CMS that you want to build your site on. If not, we can recommend one that will most effectively address your needs. Either way, you will have complete control to edit and manage the site the way you want.

A CMS is a system which allows you to easily update your website without the need of knowing any coding or programming. Using the WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) editor you can manage your site content, upload images, integrate media files, make changes to the forms and basically get complete control over the website. All this, without the need of installing any software and with just an internet connection.

There are different CMS options available for building your web presence, the most common ones being WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Magento, ExpressionEngine etc. Depending on your requirements, one CMS might have an advantage over the others. We will discuss the benefits and limitations of each CMS with you and pin down on the one that best suits your needs.


For eCommerce solutions we build and develop custom shopping solutions for our clients. More often than not the CMS behind this solution is Magento. It is a robust and elegant platform that will let you manage your products efficiently– descriptions, images, discounts, shipping, tax and all other details and features conceivable.

Our developers can code your CMS in any language – PHP, ASP or .Net. We’ll take inputs from your business team and create a solution that meets all your requirements, is robust and is scalable. We also discuss with you your possible future requirements and build the solution accordingly. Once the solution has been deployed, the day-to-day management of the site can easily be done by you. We provide you with the required training where required.

Contact us and let us discuss your web development and CMS requirements.

A Range of Content Management Systems

Depending on your business and of course your business needs, we also offer bespoke content management systems. Sometimes the back-end system you require just doesn’t quite fit into a WordPress structure and a bespoke CMS built around your business and workflow is a better solution for you. An example of this is a CMS that we built for The back-end handles events and invoicing for the Institute’s entire membership database. Another relevant example is, a redesign and CMS that brings a fresh new look to their entire product range, to give stockists access to key sales materials and also features a German language version of the website to cater for their key German market.

The Driving Force Behind Your Website

A content management system can be the driving force behind your website, allowing you to regularly update and manage it, and whatever your choice of CMS, our developers and designers will ensure the stunning website we have designed for you integrates seamlessly within it whilst being fully compliant and fully tested across all browsers and devices, giving your users the same great experience when they visit.

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