(UX) User Experience

When a visitor lands on a website for the first time, it either ‘feels’ right or it doesn’t. We ensure that this first experience is a memorable one. Starting from intuitive navigation to helping the visitor move along the conversion journey, we work on getting everything right.

User experience (UX) encompasses all aspects of the visitors interaction with your website, the products/services it offers, the message you want to convey and more. UX is all about stepping in the shoes of the visitor and making the journey through the website easy and pleasant. Great UX takes the visitors into account at each stage of the visitor’s journey- starting from the home page to adding products to the cart to checkout. The emails that are sent out to the prospects from time to time are also a part of User Experience. UX ,is the difference between a winner and an ‘also ran’ website.

With UX the adage ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t work. We are different as humans so what works for one individual might not work for another. Although it is not possible to meet the expectations of each individual visitor, the purpose is solved if we get it right for the majority of the visitors.

  • Human Centric User experience Process: We follow a human centric philosophy around UX. Starting with your visitors, we ‘feel’ how they are perceiving the web product. What makes them tick and what might tick them off. We work with you and your business team to gather inputs. Finally we create a winning User Experience architecture that will outshine your competition.
  • Testing the User Experience:Once the web product has been deployed, we test the effectiveness of the UX design through A/B testing (split testing). Different versions of the same page are shown to the visitors in equal measure. We then analyze the visitors’ behavior toward these different versions. Metrics like bounce rate, time on page, exit rate and conversion percentage etc provide us with inputs to identify which version of the page is working better and should be ultimately used.


The process normally begins with us producing flat, skeletal prototypes that help display how your website will look and function. We will hold a number of workshops where everyone involved in the project can discuss the various elements of each layout. Wireframing allows us to try out a number of different approaches to your website quickly and easily, without worrying about things like colours or fonts at this stage. We continue to refine these wireframes until we have an agreed set of models that our team can use to begin thinking about visual design.

The Best Experience for Your Users

We’ll continuously test, measure, and evaluate our theories and ideas to ensure we’re providing the best experience for your users and meeting your business goals.

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