We create captivating websites that are not only functionally complete but also echo your identity. Branding is a creative and marketing effort and our team will collaborate with you to ensure that you get the right image before your audience.

A brand is an intangible identity and is about how your company is perceived by people. Many companies have a very strong brand identity, others are obscure and easily forgettable. Whatever is the situation with your company, your web presence can play an important role in building your brand. If most of your business transacts online, your online branding becomes all the more important.

Now, let’s see what online branding (hereon called just ‘branding’) is all about. Your branding is the feelings and emotions your site conveys to the visitors. Its how the visitors ‘feel’ about your site. Is the site legitimate & trustworthy? Will the company honor what it is promising? Will my products be delivered in time and in good shape? Will the company bombard me with email offers once I subscribe to a newsletter? These are just some of the questions that come to the mind of your customers when they visit your site for the first time…and your branding can make all the difference.

Contrary to the popular belief your brand does not start and end with your logo. Your logo isn’t your brand. It is just one of the components of your brand.

Let’s take a look at some of the components of your brand:

  • Color Scheme: Different colors invoke different emotions in people. You need to choose the color scheme of your website carefully. McDonald’s use of red & yellow, Coke’s red and Apple’s white come to mind.
  • Logo: Your logo will play a very important role in defining your branding. Does it convey something or is it just an abstract design. On the site, the size of the logo should be such that it’s one of the most prominent page elements.
  • Site Content: Through your site’s content you have the opportunity to communicate with your visitors. The content should be easy to understand and should initiate dialogue. Interactive forms, live help are some of the ways to achieve this.
  • Emotions: Building your online brand is not just about creating your website with the latest design trends. What are the emotions that you want people to experience when they interact with your site? What notions do you want people to conceive about your company? Answers to such questions will help in your branding endeavor. 
  • Innovation: Are you offering something unique to your visitors? Maybe a fun component or the latest happenings in your business space. If one can innovate creatively, it’ll take your branding places. 
  • Consistency: Your branding should be consistent across different media. The color scheme, logo, typography etc need to be consistent be it the site, the visuals, the packaging, the stationery, the mails exchanged with the visitors etc so that a uniform image is projected across the different mediums.

 An Impact on your Business

We are proud of the work we have produced over the last few years. What makes us even prouder are the results we have achieved on our clients’ behalf. Building their brands. Furthering their reputations. But rather than show you a gallery of our work – however attractive – we find it more meaningful to explain what we can do with a face-to-face discussion. Then we can put our portfolio of work in context – how we tackled the brief, met objectives, and achieved results. How we made an impact – and how we could make an impact on your business too.

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