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Hybrid App Development

Combining HTML5 with the power of frameworks like phonegap our developers can create fully customized, cross-platform apps.

Hybrid application development services are emerging as a popular choice for people looking for cost-effective app development. The customer does not need to spend his resources on two separate products for the Android and ios platforms. The developer has to design a single code compatible with both the platforms thus saving time and energy. The User Experience (UX) of the app is enhanced without compromising on the functionality and speed of the product. A cross-platform hybrid app, functional across various devices is the surest way to reach a wide audience in shortest time. High quality at low cost is a win-win situation for everyone.

Developing cross platform apps with rich features is not an easy task. It requires certain amount of expertise and finesse. Without the requisite knowledge of technologies and frameworks, designing a cost effective but great value product is impossible. Hybrid app development needs a competent and skilful bunch of professionals.

Mintlogix is a well-known hybrid app development company having an experienced team of seasoned hybrid app developers well versed in CSS3, HTML5 and JavaScript, who are knowledgeable and keep up with all the latest technologies and trends in the app development area.

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We have made an App for Every Vertical

Utilities Apps

From calculators to driving aids, these Apps turn mobiles into a technological version of the Swiss Army Knife

Entertainment Apps

These apps take Multi-media up a notch and bring movies, TV, radio, and more right to the mobile

Games Apps

Brilliantly designed and extremely engaging, gaming apps make whiling away time or waiting fun

News Apps

Stay updated with the world at your leisure with news apps that let you search, store, and share relevant headlines

Location Based Application

Hit close to home with location-based apps that serve content, search results, and suggestion based on user address

Social Networking Apps

Stay in touch on the go with your contacts through social networking apps optimized to perform on mobile

Lifestyle Apps

If there is a hobby, there is an app for it. Food, fashion, art, healthcare, and more: Lifestyle apps cover them all

Productivity Apps

Do more in less time without bending the space continuum with apps for to-do lists, time management, project management and more

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Seasoned Staff

Our hybrid mobile application development team prides itself on prompt and successful deployment of apps. Staffed with highly-qualified and experienced professionals who are knowledgeable about all the latest developments in the field, the department ensures that the finished product is scalable, fast, secure and robust.


Fresh Designs

In the safe hands of our highly creative and accomplished designers, your product is bound to look good on any mobile platform- Android or iOS. Whatever the device screen size the app scales itself accordingly without compromising on the user experience. An impressive first impression helps in getting more users for the product which in turn translates into high returns.


24x7 Support

Hybrid application development is a rigorous process and some issues are bound to creep in but be rest assured with our 24-hours support, 7 days a week, all your problems will be solved as quickly as possible. Get in touch through phone, email or our website and within no time a professional will be assisting you in finding a solution.