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Android App Development

Java and APIs are right up our alley. We use them to build great apps that look and feel at home on the amazing array of Android devices.

Get Rich User-Experience With Our Core Android App Development Service! Thrive Your App With The Perfect Blend Of Inclusiveness and Design Of Stunning Apps

The growing numbers of smartphone users have opened up doors for many businesses to reach a huge community that makes use of their smartphones for their day-to-day activities. Google Play Store, the official app store for Android, needs no introduction if you own a smartphone. Being the owner of an online business, if you do not have an app to sell your products or services, you are probably losing a huge customer base. In such a competitive environment, can you really afford to lose a high amount of potential users?

At MintLogix, we have created a portfolio with a wide range of Android applications successfully designed to offer enhances and scalability synchronization to the users. Our Android app development team abides by the architectural standards of Android and has an in-depth understanding of the complete Android ecosystem, which helps us build sustainable and scalable Android apps across Android platforms.

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We have made an App for Every Vertical

Utilities Apps

From calculators to driving aids, these Apps turn mobiles into a technological version of the Swiss Army Knife

Entertainment Apps

These apps take Multi-media up a notch and bring movies, TV, radio, and more right to the mobile

Games Apps

Brilliantly designed and extremely engaging, gaming apps make whiling away time or waiting fun

News Apps

Stay updated with the world at your leisure with news apps that let you search, store, and share relevant headlines

Location Based Application

Hit close to home with location-based apps that serve content, search results, and suggestion based on user address

Social Networking Apps

Stay in touch on the go with your contacts through social networking apps optimized to perform on mobile

Lifestyle Apps

If there is a hobby, there is an app for it. Food, fashion, art, healthcare, and more: Lifestyle apps cover them all

Productivity Apps

Do more in less time without bending the space continuum with apps for to-do lists, time management, project management and more

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Seasoned Staff

A specialist team skilled in all aspects of Android application development takes care of the client’s requirements and designs a tailor-made product meant to generate high returns. Keeping up with the rapid developments in the field and acquainting themselves with all the latest technological advancements makes them the best in the business.


Fresh Designs

Our talented designers are masters at designing attractive and amazing user interfaces that make a user fall in love with the app instantly. The open source nature makes it easy to develop but that also means an excess of similar looking apps. Be rest assured that in the hands of our designers the products look different from their competitors and stand out in the market.


24x7 Support

Call, email or message us anytime to get in touch with our customer care personnel in case of any problems. Our Android applications development company provides 24-hour assistance to our valued clients and try to resolve the issue at hand within the shortest period of time.

Benefits of Android Apps for Business

The open source and flexible nature of Android gives a lot of advantages to application developers. Let's have a look at some of them


Low Investment

The open source nature makes Android application development services a low cost and high return on investment option. A range of tools are available for all requirements associated with building an app which are either free or minimally priced. The low development expenses enables a company to invest in high-end testing and deployment solutions helping in improving the quality of app services.


Imaginative Customization

The platform provides a developer with flexibility in designing and customizing an app, helping in creating a product with enhanced functionalities. Armed with a variety of customization options that Android provides, a creative developer can always fashion an app that stands out from others and gives high returns, all in quick time.


Secure Platform

The biggest concern for any Android mobile app development company is the security of its products. Attacks from malware and crashes can not only spell doom for the app but also ruin the firm’s reputation. Android provides a secure platform for trouble-free development with enhanced security features against malware attacks.


Device Compatibility

An app is useless if it cannot be accessed from a majority if not all the popular devices available in the market. With the advent of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) at workplaces and the growing popularity of smart wearable devices, it becomes compulsory for an app to be highly compatible. Android apps score on this count too as the apps can be deployed on almost any device.

Designing app since the inception of the Android platform, we are one of the oldest and trusted names in the Android app development industry. The list of successful apps created by us, deployed in a variety of sectors like ecommerce, education, communication, health & fitness and social media goes on and on.

We have some of the best minds in the business having exceptional understanding of not only the technology involved but also the marketability of the product. Contact us for getting a superb and smart app now.

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